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Vanishing Twin Syndrome




 'Drama In The Womb' 

  Alfred R. Austermann & Bettina Austermann


'Everyone carries something precious that no other can find.

Finding that is your way.

- Martin Buber- 

It is common knowledge that the bond between twins is very tight and strong. This bond tends to be stronger than a parent/child relationship.

If this bond is broken during pregnancy, it is referred to as a vanishing twin or a missing twin.

One out of eight twins born is considered a surviving twin. Now with the number of artificial inseminations, surviving twins have become even more common.

The disappearance of a twin has a deep impact on the surviving fetus. Various survival mechanisms are often developed that are no longer needed as the surviving twin gets older.


Below you will find a few characteristics that determine a surviving twin:


  • You are looking for something and you don't know what. You often change jobs/relationships/places of residence, but it doesn't bring you much satisfaction.

  • You feel different from others and you don't know why.

  •  You regularly encounter situations in which you have to let go of things or people.

  • You feel a deep loneliness and/or sadness.

  • You have a strong empathic ability and experience that people do not know your needs.

  • You are looking for a soul mate.

  • Your relationship with your partner is very intensely connecting and then suddenly there is war and distance.

  • You buy many things in twos or threes (doubles/triplets)

  • You desire to merge with someone, but you often feel alone/misunderstood in relationships.

  • You often feel guilty (even though you have no reason to take the blame)

  • You are either very active or totally passive.

  • You survive rather than actually live.

  • You often do things on your own or through intense collaboration.

  • It’s difficult to say good-bye.

  • You doubt your right to exist.

  • You have many qualities and can hardly choose which one is most important.

  • As a man you have a strong feminine side or as a woman you have a strong masculine side.

  • It is easy to start all kinds of projects; finishing is another matter.

  • It’s difficult to stand up for yourself, or take your own space.

  • You need space for yourself. Freedom is important to you.

  • Your self-esteem can suddenly disappear even though you know what your qualities are.

  • Your inner saboteur can regularly block your inner feeling of what you wish to achieve.

  • When you get somewhere, you first scan the faces and the surroundings.

  • You talk to yourself regularly.

  • You regularly feel you are in second place and that affects you very deeply

Most people have some of these characteristics, the surviving twin has almost all of them and often in extreme shape.

As part of a triplets, I can say that I recognize all of the above points. 

Because I understand very well what the surviving twin carries in his backpack and also know that it is not easy to empty this backpack, I have started a program in addition to the individual sessions to go through this entire process. The end goal is to reunite with your Authentic Self and possibly with your disappeared twins (multiple).


Individuele sessies
Private session



How it works:

We start with a short conversation to determine which mechanisms are most present at that moment.

Together we determine what you want to experience/achieve.

With various techniques, we transform the entire situation into peace and tranquility so that you can internalize the experience differently. No longer associated with trauma, the experience can be perceived from a wider consciousness.

The Single-Born Twin Route



The “annual trajectory” is a personal growth trajectory that will allow us to examine which mechanisms are still active in your life: how they manifest and/or how they determine your life.

With different techniques, we transform the experiences and perceptions.

A fixed group of people (12 maximum) come together over the course of seven afternoons to start this process.

For more info, please see the route in the agenda.

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