"Not everyone of us can do great things, but we can do little things with great love."


- Mother Theresa - 

The nervous system and connective tissue are the first to develop during the development of the embryo. These two together form the most essential part of any human body. We call this the Cranio-Sacral system.

It consists of the brain and spinal cord where numerous nerve pathways extend to all parts of our body.

C-S fluid is produced in the center of the brain. This fluid circulates between the brain and spinal cord, providing nutrition and cleansing.

The pressure of the C-S fluid makes the skull bones move and expand, presses the vertebrae apart so the intervertebral discs can relax for a while and pushes the sacrum down.

Through a gentle contact with our hands we can detect and transform blockages through the connective tissue so that all fluids, nerve impulses, meridian currents and all other functions in the body can work to the maximum again.

We make sure that the skull bones, spine and sacrum get back in place. So the brain and spinal cord are given the optimal space to perform their task freely and to steer the entire body.

When there are energies (emotions, situations, beliefs, traumas, ...) that hinder or influence the functioning of the body, we transform this back to it's freedom.

The beautiful result of this session is the enormous peace and clarity that is created when you are brought into contact with your own pure energy.

Private session



Every first appointment starts with a short conversation about what is going on in your life and what you are currently doing. Together we determine the goal you want to work towards. We use muscle tests to determine which therapy (PSYCH-K / Cranio-Sacral) is most suitable for you.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

We can detect and transform blockages through soft contact with our hands.

The nice result of this session is the enormous peace and clarity you will feel when you are in touch with your own pure energy.


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None of these methods provides a diagnosis, neither treats nor heals a disease. It is not intended to replace tradtional medical treatments.



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