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ERIKA from Nijlen

"The therapy makes me lighter, stronger and more stable. Highly recommended!!!!!!!"

BRAM from Nijlen

"The sessions are a relief. I feel much better after that!"

JUDITH from Tremelo

"I've come to know Sabine as a fine, gentle  PSYCH-K® instructor. Her calm and loving approach offer a level of care that makes her workshops really worthwhile. Highly recommended for those who want to learn more about themselves."

KRIS from Wommelgem

"This was the key that helped me enormously to escape from a self-created prison of the mind."

 CINDY from Schilde

Thanks to Bruce Lipton, I came into contact with the power of our subconscious. After years of struggle with not getting my business sold, I met  Sabine. My intuition immediately knew that she was the right person for me to help me and immediately I booked 3 appointments. After 2 sessions of cranio-sacral therapy my severe fatigue was transformed. I took 1 PSYCH-K® session and you'll never guess. 1 month later I founded the right person to take over my business.

SANDRA from Israël

Hi guys.. here is a fun balance story...

My mom had a fear of riding in cars with any one. That is to say that whenever she was not the driver, she would get extremely anxious and would imagine terrible accidents.

This fear just grew more and more in these last couple of years. Whenever my dad was driving she would just throw a "Be careful!!" comment every 2 minutes...

My poor Dad.... right..??

So anyway, we did a balance for this a couple of weeks ago. Today they call me up from their car, just telling me where they are driving and their errands and stuff.. and I am asking

Me: "Mom,who is driving?"

Mom: "your Dad."

Me: "And how are you Mom, with this?"

Mom: "I'm ok. I'm not looking at the road even, just sitting here... you can even ask your Dad..."

Me: "Dad, is she telling you to be careful once in a while...?"

Dad: "No. She is quiet and relaxed".

Mom: "your Dad is the best driver ever..."And they were driving in a very rainy day!! No fear...!!

She overcame her fear!!  This is amazing to me!! 💚💚

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