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"Logic takes you from A to B, imagination takes you everywhere"

- Albert Einstein -


I have always been fascinated by the human body. It is truly remarkable how the human body works and what we can do with it. Despite my interest in the body and in human health, when considering career options, I decided to take a different path. I studied fashion and later went on to study bookkeeping, which I developed a career in.

My children have since taken me in an entirely new direction. They woke me up. It all began with my firstborn child, a baby who cried consistently and suffered from reflux. I soon realized the medical world could not help me. Because of this, I started looking for alternative solutions.

I ended up seeing a traditionally trained doctor with a specialization in manual therapy. At last, it seemed like someone could tell me exactly what was going on. He explained the whole system to me and, to my great surprise, the language he used was very clear to me. It was the first time in awhile that I had felt a sense of clarity towards the situation.

He said, “I don't know why I’m explaining all of this because I normally don't, but I do it for you.” At the time, I didn't know either. When I look back on it now, I can see that he awakened something in me that I had completely put aside.

Later on, I came across a newspaper article about the Cranio-Sacral rhythm in our body, the same concept the doctor had explained to me. My whole life started to change. I went from one workshop course to another and eventually started my own practice as a PSYCH-K® instructor.

The reason I became an instructor was because I found PSYCH-K® to be such a simple and effective technique to apply to yourself, and I immediately felt that it was something I had to share with the world. Through PSYCH-K®, anyone who wishes can learn the technology to experience peace and tranquility.

I love to help people take back their own personal power, to activate the light within themselves so that they can become their authentic self. It is so beautiful to see people let go of their burdens and relive the joy in their life.


  • Basic Instructor Certification Training PSYCH-K® (2017)

  • Training PSYCH-K® (2015)

  • Workshop Decoding ilnesses with Dr. Eudard Van den Bogaert (2014)

  • Workshop Geneology with Dr. Eduard Van den Bogaert (2014)

  • Workshop Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer (2013)

  • Egyptian Cartouche (wisdom and instructions of the old Egyptian wisdom) (2012)

  • Course Nusta Karpay and Munay-Ki (knowledge and wisdom of the Q’ero shamans) (2012)

  • Workshop Universal White Time Healing (2010)

  • Training Creative Therapist Creazin, Bruges, with Nadine Stroobants (2010-2014)

  • Workshop The 7 Steps of the Alchemyst (2010)

  • Workshop Breathing Consciously (2010)

  • Training Craniosacral Therapy with Etienn Peirsmann (2009-2012)

  • Training Consciousness at Atman (2007-2010)

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