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Sat, 03 Jun


Kfar Glikson

Israël Advanced Workshop PSYCH-K® English spoken

In this workshop you will get the tools to transform all limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs. You will learn techniques to put these beliefs permanently in your system, to calm your system and to transform all stress.

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Israël Advanced Workshop PSYCH-K® English spoken
Israël Advanced Workshop PSYCH-K® English spoken

Time and location

03 Jun 2023, 09:00 GMT+3 – 06 Jun 2023, 18:00 GMT+3

Kfar Glikson, Kfar Glikson, Israël

About the event

"Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation."  - Lao Tzu -

What is covered at the workshop?

Day 1

Rapport  You will learn how to create a deep sense of trust and safety with others, making the facilitation of change easier and more comfortable than ever before. You will use a powerful process to create a whole-brained state when communicating with others both verbally and n o n – v e r b ally .

Belief Points  You will learn 12 points on the body that are derived from ancient acupressure. They represent key beliefs that give us valuable information about how we are limiting ourselves. When these points are combined with Energy Focusing, these subconscious beliefs can be accessed and changed in a matter of seconds.

Energy Focusing  A safe and effective process that allows you to focus energy to a Belief Point in order to change subconscious beliefs quickly and easily.

Day 2

Belief Points with Energy Focusing Balance   Bringing together what was taught on day 1, learning how to use the full Belief Points with Energy Focusing Balance We also introduce the concept of having both enhancing and limiting goal statements in the subconscious mind at the same time. Belief Points with Energy Focusing can be used over and again to give us information about ourselves that we might not be able to access with the conscious mind.

Surrogation  A process that allows you to help others who can’t be there in person, such as humans and animals and also inanimate objects. Balancing can be dine on behalf of the person, or animal or any inanimate objects. The possibilities for Balancing using surrogation are immense, at both a personal and global level.

Core Belief Balance  This Balance aligns 13 Core Beliefs that support the manifestation of your full potential in life. It is frequently a profound alignment process that prepares the mind/body system for accelerated growth and change. You will receive a print out of the Core Beliefs you hold by using the Balance worksheet. Once you complete the Balance, it can make so much sense as to why you are having the life experiences that you are.

Day 3

Relationship Balance  This balance will help you transform personal issues with others, and better understand the lessons to be learned in relationships. It will provide a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children, siblings, coworkers, spouses, friends and lovers. If you are experiencing challenging relationships in your life, through this Balance, you will be able to learn the gifts that person is bringing to you, allowing you to make a whole-brained decision about the relationship.

Life Bonding Balance  The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human life. This balance utilizes breath as a means of re- programming any negative impact of these influences in our lives.

Day 4

We bring everything together –

- How to find a Goal Statement.

- How to know which Balance to use, now that we have the new Advanced Balances in our Balance box.

- The different ways you can use the Advanced Balances.

- How to do the Balances on your own.

This Workshop is given in English by Sabrina Kiermaier, certified PSYCH-K instructor.

Working hours

First day from 9am till 6pm,

Second day from 9am till 6pm,

Third day from 9am till 6pm.

Fourth day from 9am till 5pm


- Workshop price is 1400$ 

- Teaching materials, water, coffee, tea, fruit and snacks are included. You can bring your own lunch.


A registration is a mutual commitment. Anyone who cancels a workshop less than one month in advance commit to pay half of the workshop fee.  If you do not show up, you undertake to pay for the whole workshop. A workshop is also a commitment to a location and accommodation.


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